Deborah Carter:
Deborah affectionately known as Debs, is passionate about yoga, mindfulness and travel, especially safaris. She lives in Botswana with her husband Stephen James O'Meara (see his bio below) who shares her passion for travel. Together they offer a wealth of experience in yoga, astronomy and travel. Deborah has been involved in the tourism industry since 1987 and loves making peoples travel dreams come true. She has been practicing yoga since 1996 and has been a qualified instructor since 2001, she also teaches and does workshops on Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness. She likes to have fun and brings a good dose of it to whatever she turns her hand to; whether it be a Yoga Safari Adventure in Botswana, Nepal or Indonesia, or a Yoga and Stargazing Retreat on the vast salt Pans of northern Botswana. She can also book a regular safari for you, or your family or friends anywhere in Africa. When you join her on a retreat, a safari or an adventure you are sure to come away with joy in your heart, and a feeling of inner calm that will stay with you long after the safari is over. To ask her a question feel free to email her on:

Debs and Steve met on a cruise to a total Solar eclipse (a passion they both share) in November 2012. Steve moved to Botswana in 2013 and love blossomed. They were married in July 2017. They enjoy a multi-faceted life often traveling to wild and exotic places to witness total Solar eclipses, and when they are not traveling they live in Maun with their black and white cat Mimi. They would love to share their love of travel, yoga and the stars with you on one of their exciting journeys. Feel free to contact them on they’d be delighted to help you plan your next adventure.

Stephen James O’Meara:
Stephen or Steve as he is known, is passionate about the stars, and has been studying them since he was 6 years of age. He is an internationally renowned astronomer, who spent much of his early career on the editorial staff of Sky & Telescope before joining Astronomy magazine in March 2007 as its Secret Sky columnist and a contributing editor. He is also an associate editor for GeminiFocus (the quarterly magazine of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii and its global partners). Steve has written about a dozen books on astronomy and has been honoured with several awards. Among Stephen’s many globally recognized achievements, he was the first to sight Halley’s Comet on its 1985 return and the first person to determine the rotation period of the distant planet Uranus. One of his most distinguished feats was the visual detection of the mysterious spokes in Saturn’s B-ring before the Voyager spacecraft imaged them. To this day he continues to enjoy observing the night sky through binoculars, naked eye, with his camera and telescope, and he's forever in search of something new out there, and is happy to share his findings with you. Come and journey with us on a Yoga and Stargazing retreat, or with him on a Star Safari or adventure to another country, and perhaps you'll find something new and exciting out there too. To ask him a question feel free to email him on:

When not looking skyward Steve also enjoys photography and is a National Geographic Contract Photographer specializing in volcanic eruptions. He also has a love of ballet, having trained as a dancer with Boston Ballet and danced on stage with Rudolph Nureyev. He currently choreographs ballet in Maun and has also put together short pieces for Dance Prism Ballet Company in Concord, Massachusetts.