Yoga Safari - A safari with a difference!

Yoga Safari is a Maun-based travel agency registered with the Botswana Department of Tourism and Northern Botswana Travel Agents Association. Since 2008 Yoga Safari has offered guests several unique ways to enjoy the soul of Africa and explore its diverse wonders:

Yoga Safari - a guided safari that travels with internationally qualified Yoga teacher, Deborah Carter, who adds a healthy twist of yoga to your experience as you seek out wildlife and other natural wonders.

Star Safari - a guided safari to view not only the animals and sights of the area, but also the amazing night sky with astronomer Stephen James O’Meara and his telescope.

Traditional Safari - a traditional safari geared toward your personal needs without the Yoga or Stargazing options. See travel agency services page for more information.

Yoga & Star-gazing Retreat in the incredible salt pans — a self-drive opportunity to enjoy a weekend of yoga and star-gazing including a night out in the magical Salt Pans of northern Botswana sleeping under the stars.

Yoga and Star-gazing Adventure in Nepal. Deborah and Steve take you on an adventure to experience the soul of this incredible kingdom, visiting world heritage sites, mountains, villages and Chitwan National Park.

For information on Yoga Safari's latest safaris and adventures visit our safaris and retreats page, or drop us a line on and let us know what you are interested in and we will happily put something together for you.

To learn more about Deborah and Stephen scroll down or visit our about us page.

About Yoga Instructor - Deborah Carter

Deborah has been a qualified Yoga Teacher since 2001 and has practiced Yoga since 1996.  She is accredited with Yoga Alliance and the National Association Of Certified Yoga Teachers in USA.  She is as passionate about Yoga as she is about taking people on safari and sharing her knowledge of the flora and fauna of the African bush with her guests. She enjoys sharing Yoga with people from all walks of life. She has a great sense of humor, which helps make her Yoga classes fun and light-hearted.

Deborah also accompanies groups on trips to view total solar eclipses in amazing locations around the world. She has been addicted to seeing them since she witnessed her first total solar eclipse in 2001 in Zambia.

She believes strongly that your thoughts shape your life, that what you focus on is what you get, so focus on the positives in your life and you’ll get more of them! Let go of the small stuff, it's all small stuff!

Where in the world is Deborah?

Yoga classes in Maun;
Yoga weekend retreats in Botswana;
Yoga Safari in Botswana;
Yoga Safari in Zambia;
Yoga Safari in Mozambique watching dolphins;
Yoga Safari on the beach in Kenya;
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Yoga on a total solar eclipse trip:
Yoga as a guest teacher in studios worldwide...

About Astronomer - Stephen James O'Meara

Stephen, or Steve as he is known, is passionate about the stars, and has been studying them since he was 6 years of age, when his parents bought him his first telescope. To this day he continues to enjoy observing the night sky through binoculars, naked eye, with his camera and telescope, and he's forever in search of something new out there, and is happy to share his findings with you. He has written over a dozen books on astronomy and has been honoured with several awards. Among Stephen’s many globally recognized achievements, he was the first to sight Halley’s Comet on its 1985 return. He loves sharing his knowledge with people and showing them the wonders that are to be found in the night sky.

Where in the world is Stephen?

Lecturing on astronomy as a guest lecturer in astronomy clubs worldwide;
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Leading Stargazing Safaris in Botswana;
Yoga & Stargazing weekend retreats in Botswana;
Yoga & Stargazing Safari in Mozambique watching dolphins;
Yoga & Stargazing Safari in the Himalayas in Nepal...